Wednesday, October 26, 2005

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Frank Mash

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"Matt i feel sorry for the world of Information Technology ,i feel sorry for webmasters that have spend years of work making your employers rich by using stolen content from those webmasters,i feel sorry for you that you have to be a silly maskarated idiot for Google’s Public Relation purposes,I feel sorry that you and your conpadres are doing the same think like the 3d reich did(creating quinslings) ,I feel sorry why our fathers fight for freedom and Democracy in the 40’s ….for what ? just to see a new status qvo under the name Google or PAX GOOGLANA ?or PAX AMERICANA? PS:you know who i am because in your Great New World there is no way that you can hide you ID.But to tell you my dear “I don’t give a damn” I haven’t done anything wrong exept that having a page that made me some money and you bast*rds destroyed whith no reason ,or maybe i was a small guy,I hope God will pay you back one day.I believe in God . PS2)I have copyed that message if you will not post it that means you are a ploker and i will post it in webmasterworld." - alipi on Matt Cutts Blog

"The top executives at Google recently admitted that they kind of let their employees invent and develop whatever they think is cool and the company has no problem putting it online to see what happens." - John Dvorak - PC Magazine
"I'm not sure what there is to say about Google and their digitisation project, except do they think the rules don't apply to them? I don't think I've ever seen such blatant disregard for the law". - Blue Magnolia
"As far as relevancy is concerned, Google's results are full of junk for many sectors. Heck, not even a single page is returned from Google when searching for [adsense feedback]". - SoftwareEngineer99
"For the past two updates, Google has targeted small mom and pop websites that are trying to make an honest living on the Internet... Google's timing is impeccable, travel season rolls around and they penalize travel sites, forcing them to pay for advertising. Shopping season rolls around, and shopping outlets are in Google's sights." - Faeriebell
"In fact your SERPS are really starting to become incestuous lately. I'm tired of seeing Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, and Wikipedia for the searches I do. Where's the diversity? I know where those sites are and I know how to find them, so again stop dumbing down the web for me." - GrayWolf
"Assuming that I'm not the only one that has decided to "play it safe" because of this update, how irritated are online consumers going to be in December if most mom and pop stores are like mine and are out of inventory and forced to close up for the last 3 weeks of the holiday season? It's all hypothetical, but couldn't this cause frustration to consumers? Will they then decide to go shop at a brick and mortar, or will they just type in"? - April98
G is forgetting that small businesses power the economy. Mom and pop sites that end up surviving will know not to put their eggs in one basket and to not be promoting one company blindly. Once you start focusing on alternate search engines who view webmasters as humans, you will be much more relaxed with each of G's update". - SoftwareEngineer99
"We are the ones who have helped Google become the giant there are over the past few years, by paying so much attention to them and promoting them, making website life all about their PR system... No single search engine should be allowed to wield that kind of power and still be held unaccountable for what they do... There is life without Google." - damarzee
"I was flying high ... then BOOM! January came and ... I disappeared on Google... No change to the code ... No change to links. No change whatsoever. Go figure!" - pacole3
"Corporations are mindless moraless structures that hold their obligations to the stock holders. Any immoral decision that will save the company money loses it's humanity in the long chain of obligation assignment. In order to have an efficient stable government, no one man, group, or entity should hold too much power. Corporations become massive, massive corporations compete, massive corporations merge. Then end is the corporations control the prices, corporations who only seek to please their stock holders..." - eliteskillsdotcom-ga (Why do people like mom-and-pop shops and hate corporations?)
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