Tuesday, January 31, 2006

As you prepare to choose the winning bidder for your project, here are a few tips that will make you get the most out of your experience (and at the same time, fewer headaches).

1. Reliability: Are you choosing the team that is reliable?

2. Responsibility: Can your chosen team responsibly complete the project within the deadline?

3. Aptitude: Can your chosen team get the tasks done? How do they define complexity? Can they handle complicated jobs? Will you need to choose a different team if your current team cannot do the job?

4. Scalability: Is the team you are choosing scalable with your project? Our team is well-versed in systems development, integration, migration and deployment so you will never have to look for another team as your project grows.

5. Dependable: Our clients and experience tells us that outsourcing is a headache. Many software vendors run away in the middle of the project. Unless you are going with the top offshore software development house or a dependable and experienced team like Designerz, you run the same risk. We are a Georgia based LLC so you can be sure we will be there when you need us.

6. Performance: Can your chosen team perform in the areas where your project will need help? Think optimization, not only in terms of resource usage but also in other areas such as search engine optimization.

7. Dedication: Can you sense the dedication of the team? Many software vendors are more concerned about the money, not the project. We are as dedicated to your project, as you are.

Put our experience, dedication and aptitude to work for you. We look forward to being selected for this project.



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